How To Read More Books

A short collection of handy tips that can help you fit more reading into your everyday life. From time-tested techniques to using a book tracker app.

Read Before You Fall Asleep

We are all aware of how important sleep is to maintaining our physical and mental health. A good book is a great way to unwind before going to bed. Reading before bed can help you unwind your body and mind and get away from the pressures of the day. So try forming this habit! The future? With a book in your hands, you could even find that you sleep better.

Always Have a Book on Hand

Keeping a book nearby whenever you have free time or need something to do while standing in line or traveling is one of the simplest strategies to read more books. Keep a few books on hand in your living room, bedroom, car, and office so you can quickly pick one up and begin reading when the time arises. By doing this, you may prevent those free minutes from being wasted because you have nothing to do.

Think About Your Reading As TV Time

TV series are fantastic for entertainment (and some information), but it's definitely preferable to restrict your TV binge as much as you can if you're trying to read more. Why not spend some of that time reading rather than lounging in front of the television for hours? You'll be shocked at how much progress you make in no time at all if you set up an hour or two each day for reading rather than watching TV or movies.

Use a Book Reading App

Technology is fantastic for a lot of things, including encouraging us to read more. Everyone may find anything among the several apps that offer thousands of eBooks in all categories, including romance, nonfiction, and many more.

Additionally, all you have to do to use an app after downloading it to your device is open it and begin browsing through the titles until one strikes your attention.

Take Your Time & Set Goals for Reading

If we remember to put reading ahead of other pursuits, no matter how hectic life gets, there will always be time set aside expressly for it. Set a weekly target for yourself, whether it be 50 pages or 10 pages per day, to help you achieve your objective and enjoy the journey. By taking our time, we may enjoy every page we read without feeling rushed to meet deadlines or achieve goals we set for ourselves without giving them enough thought first.

Explore Different Book Genres

Don't forget to experiment with different genres, too. Many individuals grow accustomed to adhering to their preferred genres, but if we venture into uncharted territory with an open mind, there are many things that might astound us. Take a look at where it leads you by picking up some poetry collections, historical biographies, memoirs, novels, and so on. Check out book recommendation sites and forums for inspiration. The future? You might discover something completely new along the way that appeals to your imagination.

Use a Dedicated Reading Tracker App

If you're looking for a fun and straightforward way to monitor your reading, Fiction is the perfect app for you! With Fiction, you can add books to your digital library, track your reading progress, determine your reading speed, and set objectives and challenges for the number of books you want to read. Fiction is one of the best book tracking apps out there and it also offers reading statistics to help improve your reading, as well as a notes tool and allows you to set daily, monthly, and yearly goals. Fiction is the ideal app to support you in achieving your reading objectives, whether you're a casual or an avid reader. So why are you still waiting? Download Fiction for iOS today and start achieving your reading goals and building a reading habit.

Reading doesn't have to be challenging or daunting; with these tips, you may quickly and simply fit more books into your daily routine. Set small, achievable objectives at first, such as dedicating just 10 minutes a day to reading; as time goes on, gradually expand this time until reading becomes a regular part of your day. You never know what kind of riches are waiting, so don't forget to explore diverse genres as well. Pick up a book today to begin an unforgettable literary trip.